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290 pages -33 x 28 cm or  25 x 20 cm

     Du titre principal deux "spéciaux" sont également disponibles.            These books are spin-offs of the car and train chapters of the main title.           Ils comprennent un catalogue unique qui peut également etre commande séparément           They include a unique catalogue which can also be ordered seperately on the catalogues page.

Blechspielzeug Eisenbahnen

The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains 

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The ultimate website for your French tin toy collection

146 pages:  33 x 28 cm (13 x 11 inch)

                     25 x 20 cm (10 x 8 inch)

 Including Pinard catalogue of 1910

Comprenant le catalogue Pinard 1910

104 pages: 33 x 28 cm (13 x 11 inch)

                    25 x 20 cm (10 x 8 inch)

Including F.V./Dessein catalogue of 1890

Comprenant le catalogue F.V./Dessein 1890

Antique French

Tin Toys

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French tin toy


290 pages -33 x 28 cm or  25 x 20 cm

Cover October 2020 issue of the Antique Toy World magazine

The world reference book for tin toy train collectors.

A classic book that will never be reprinted.

Only a few copies in English and German available. 

With inscription and autograph !