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In English et Français !

The most comprehensive book about French tin toys ever made !

A beautiful follow-up of the legendary reference work

"The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains" 1850-1909

Content 290 pages, 33 x 28 cm or 25 x 20 cmt. 

725 illustrations with extensive reference material.

From the main title,

Antique French Tin Toys

two "specials" are available as well.

de luxe edition size 33 x 28 cm

small edition 25 x 20 cm

Both specials include a rare catalogue.

Contenu 290 pages, 33 x 28 cm ou 25 x 20 cm. 

725 illustrations avec vaste documentation de référence.

Du titre principal

Jouet Français en Tôle
deux "spéciaux" sont également disponibles:
édition de luxe  33 x 28 cm
petite édition 25 x 20 cm

Ils comprennent un catalogue rare.

Antique French Tin Toy Cars (special)

146 pages including the Pinard 1910 catalogue

Les Automobiles (special)

106 pages comprenant le catalogue FV/Dessein 1890 

Antique French Tin Toy Trains (special)

106 pages including the FV/Dessein 1890 catalogue

Les Trains - Jouets (special)

106 pages comprenant le catalogue FV/Dessein 1890

Both catalogues are also seperately available

The main title includes a bonus chapter about Hispania

In 2019 a folio sketchbook was discovered of the Spanish manufacturer Roca Farriols who produced around 1900 tin toys in Barcelona under the name Hispania. This sketchbook was sold at a German auction. The collector who bought it, has allowed me to reproduce some of these early toy designs in my book together with the actual toys from various collectors. I have therefore added a 20 page chapter Hispania to my book and it is the first time that these toys and there original sketches are now shown. They're all unique! Hereunder just a few spreads of the 24 page chapter.

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